Terms of engagement

We would like to outline the procedures, costs and payment terms associated with undertaking a Psychological or Neuropsychological assessment with Lakewood Psychological Services.

• The process will be conducted sequentially to keep it as efficient and cost-effective as possible.

• After the completion of any phase, either party can choose to stop the process and not continue on to the next phase.

  1. Complete and return Terms of Engagement form and intake paperwork to Lakewood Psychological Services
  2. Make the initial deposit to start the assessment process
  3. Complete all required prescreening assessment forms
  4. Attend an initial assessment appointment
  5. Complete additional testing and assessment forms as required
  6. Attend a follow-up/feedback session (optional)

Phase 1. Download the intake and Terms of Engagement forms from the Lakewood Psychological Services website or complete the forms using the link available on the website.

Phase 2. Pay a deposit of $100 to begin the assessment process.  If you are using insurance for the assessment and your out of pocket expenses are less than $100, the balance will be refunded when the assessment is completed.  Please refer to the information below for more information about private pay assessment pricing and insurance companies that we accept.

Phase 3. After the deposit is paid, links for assessment forms will be sent to the person being assessed as well as to identified sources for collateral information.  All assessment forms need to be completed  before moving to phase 4. 

Phase 4. When all pre-screening assessments have been completed an appointment will be scheduled for an initial in person (or virtual) interview with the person being assessed and/or with the parents of the person being assessed.  During the interview, information will be gathered about presenting problems along with personal, medical and psychiatric history.  During the initial assessment interview a determination will be made about the need for any additional testing or assessment forms.

Phase 5. When all necessary information has been collected, an opportunity to come in for an in-person (or virtual) feedback session, to discuss the findings and conclusions from the assessment, will be offered. 

Phase 6.  A report will be generated. that will summarize all of the information collected for the assessment. and will include conclusions, diagnostic impressions and treatment recommendations.  The report will be made available to the assessed person or their parent/guardian and can be released to other interested parties with the appropriate consent.  The production and release of the report represents the end of the assessment process and no additional service are promised or guaranteed. 

Costs of the assessment.  

Time spent for the undertaking of the assessment will be billed at $150/hour and includes all time spent during meetings, administering and scoring tests and writing reports.  If insurance coverage is available, we will bill the insurance company using standard common procedural termonology (CPT) codes.  We accept the fee schedule used by the insurance companies we work with and will accept the amount approved as full payment.  If the insurance company approves, but does not pay any amount, the responsible party to the assessment agreement will be required to pay that amount.  

Private pay options are available and can be negotiated based on the type of assessment required.